tapas planka

The first thing that springs to mind when I think of Spain, is tapas. If like me, the first thing you think of when waking up is food, if you love trying new exciting dishes, watch Masterchef religiously and generally are a huge foodie, then Granada is most definitely the place for you. Whereas in the rest of Spain you pay for your tapas (and quite often an arm and a leg if in tourist spots!), here in Granada it’s on the house! Order a glass of wine, a cold beer or even a soft drink and within minutes a plate of delicious food appears in front of you to enjoy. From the traditional Patatas Bravas to the less traditional tapas, there really is something for everyone. With hundreds of different bars in the city, it can sometimes be difficult to know where the best ones are. TripAdvisor and Google will give you their own list and they are without a doubt worth looking at, however, some of my favourite bars don’t seem to get a mention. So here goes... my guide to Granada’s tapas bars... 

Located round the corner from Granada’s impressive cathedral this bar is on one of the busiest squares of the city. During the many sunny days you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the pop up flamenco shows. A glass of wine is €3 if sat on the terrace and is usually accompanied with a fish tapas dish: battered cod bites, garlic king prawns, fried fish, squid, calamari... The portions are huge, sometimes the barman even brings out two tapas instead of one. They are also very generous with their wine measures. I would 100% recommend, make sure to get their early though if you want a spot! 
Address: Plaza Pescadería, 14, 18001 Granada

Rincón De Rodri 
Another fantastic tapas bar that specialises in fish dishes is El Rincón De Rodri. Again, I highly recommend getting there early to get a spot, it is very popular with the locals. Some of my favourite dishes are their garlic king prawns, plancha squid, fried battered cod or paella. The star of the show is their homemade alioli that accompanies most of the tapas. The portions again, are huge, the wine is of quality and the beer is cold. What more can you ask for? Prices are pretty standard for Granada, €2 for a beer, between €2.50 and €3 for a glass on wine, €2.20 for popular soft drinks. 
Address: Calle Músico Vicente Zarzo, Granada

La Sitarilla 
This bar is the epitome of Spanishness. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the delicious smell of Carne in Salsa. The bar is very large, with two large additional seating areas, in case it gets very busy (which it always does). The walls are decorated with paintings of different landscapes of Granada. The food is absolutely incredible. Their Carne in Salsa is exquisite. My favourite dish is their Porra Antequerana, a sort of Solmorejo (a cold, refreshing soup). I often go to the bar just to order that one dish. Prices are very reasonable, service is quick and the atmosphere is fantastic...
Address: Calle San Miguel Alta, 7, 18002 Granada

Located close to the University’s main campus this tapas bar is very popular with students but also with locals. There is a real mix of generations which is something I love about Spain. The great advantage of it being in the student area is that the tapas are HUGE (because students are always hungry, right?). Each tapas is accompanied with homemade patatas and alioli as well as a side salad. A usual tapas there is a marinated pork skewer. I can rarely eat more than two tapas before getting full. So for €4 you can eat a delicious meal. The bar itself is tiny but there are tables outside, so I would recommend going on a warm evening so that you can sit outside.
Address: Calle Goya, 5, 19002 Granada

Last but most definitely not least is Poë, run by Matthew and his wife Anna. This small bar is cozy, friendly and the food is delicious. You can choose from a menu of exciting dishes such as Piri Piri pork, Thai chicken, Italian style vegetables, and many more. I have tried every single dish on the menu and they are all delicious. There is even a Facebook group for the bar called “I love Poë”. If like me you miss the occasional tasty Indian curry (which are very hard to find in Granada), this place hits the spot. 
Address: 18002, Calle Verónica de la Magdalena, 40, 18002 Granada