Orgiva Properties


Do the prices quoted include all costs?
No, the prices quoted are those sought by the sellers. You need to add the costs of buying which, in Andalaucia, are approximately 12% - 13%.

What is the buying process?
The buying process is fully explained in our guide to the buying procedure.

How long does it take to buy a property?
If the property’s documentation is completely in order (which is rare) and you have the funds available, your NIE number and a Spanish bank account opened the process can take place in one day. However, the norm, allowing for time for the seller to rectify documentation and for the buyer to gather together resources, is usually 1 - 3 months.

Is the buying process safe?
Completely. Your lawyer will ensure that the property has the correct title and that the buildings have been constructed with appropriate permissions or that they have been subsequently legalised.

Is the documentation available in English?
We prepare all of our private contracts in Spanish and English so that not only your lawyer but you, too, can understand exactly what you are agreeing to. At the Notary the formal public title deeds will only be written in Spanish. For clients who do not speak Spanish we can act as interpreters on the day of signing.

Do I need a lawyer?
Yes, you do. There is no legal requirement but you are spending a lot of money and it absolutely pays to hire a lawyer, which will cost approximately 1% of the purchase price. Your lawyer will do more than ensure that what you are signing is legal. He will also handle a raft of administrative tasks which, in a bureaucratic country like Spain can be incredibly frustrating and long-winded. Appoint a lawyer experienced in the countryside, not on the coast.

What is a N.I.E.
A Número de Identificación de Extranjero. This is a fiscal number which everyone in Spain has and is used to pay taxes and to identify you when dealing with any government or administrative organisation.

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