Spanish property prices are likely to rise 6% a year, for the next three years, according to Humphrey White, the head of Knight Frank estate agents in Spain. As Spanish Property Insights reported last week, White considers that this relatively low rate of increase means the price rises are ‘sustainable’.

Underlying these rises are several factors: White stated that, post-crash, Spain is ‘leading economic growth in Europe’; recent global reports by Knight Frank show that Barcelona and Madrid are amongst the top world cities preferred by the super-rich, for living in, and Madrid is seventh in the world for foreign investment, ahead of Berlin and Singapore. What’s more, the combination of attractive cities with good transport links and property and a highly-qualified and professional workforce means that foreign investors are finding Spain an attractive prospect. 

Such economic confidence, at a time when many countries are not feeling quite so stable, whether financially or politically, is great news whether you are a resident or thinking of becoming one.