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We are frequently asked, by clients who are considering buying a property in Granada, about the availability of schools for non-Spanish students. Whereas there are a number of international schools along the coast in Málaga province the situation in the interior is somewhat different. For this reason we have prepared a brief resume of private schools in the area together with brief information about the languages through which they teach.

Being the father of a 13 year-old daughter who was born in Spain I have some knowledge of the education system. My daughter recently switched from private to state education because the primary school she was at did not offer secondary education. I will write in a separate article about our experience of the state system.

Current rates

Effective 01/01/2012, the Spanish Government increased taxation rates on the purchase of property. This article sets out the current rates, shows how the tax is calculated and offers a tip as to how to legally reduce your bill.

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