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The Most Beautiful District In Spain

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The travel magazine Viajar has just published an article entitled The 15 Most Beautiful Districts of Spain.


At Number 1 is the Albayzin in Granada.


Of course, we already knew that, having lived here for over 20 years!


Here's what they said.

Barrio del Albayzín

Del barrio granadino de Albaicín, Patrimonio de la Humanidad, nacen estrechas calles empedradas, árboles frutales y cautivadores cármenes (jardines) que embriagan a todo el que pasa por él. Lugar obligado para el que llegue a Granada, conocido como el barrio árabe, ofrece, desde los miradores de San Nicolás y San Cristóbal, las mejores vistas de la Alhambra.


In English:

Albaicín Quarter (Granada)

Granada's Albaicín neighbourhood, a World Heritage Site, is home to narrow cobbled streets, fruit trees and delightful carmens (houses with enclosed gardens) that captivate everyone who passes through it. A must for anyone arriving in Granada, known as the Arab quarter, it offers, from the viewpoints of San Nicolás and San Cristóbal, the best views of the Alhambra.


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And if you are interested in which other barrios were selected, read the article here (in Spanish)


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