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New Subsidies For Energy Saving Improvements

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The Andalusian government has launched the so-called Ecovivienda Plan, which will mobilise €133.5 millions for the refurbishment of homes and buildings, with the emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. The programme, which includes funds from the European Next Generation programme aims to benefit more than 25,000 families in Andalucia with subsidies of up to 80% of the total cost of energy saving improvement. The higher the energy saving, the greater the percentage of subsidy. The overall aim is to reduce emissions in the Andalusian residential stock by 30%.


Various types of improvement will be covered by the scheme, for example: insulation in façades and roofs by installing new windows and doors, installing renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic panels, solar panels for hot water, aerothermal energy, biomass boilers or more efficient lighting systems.


In an unexpected and unusual development in managing the subsidies, documents already in possession of the administration such as title deeds and tax declarations will not have to be submitted by applicants. The intention is to make the process of applying as simple as possible. Furthermore, it is said that 50% of the subsidy will be paid at the outset, another unexpected bonus.

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