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The Magic Of The Alpujarras

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No trip to the province of Granada in Spain is complete without visiting the gorgeous mountain villages known collectively as The Alpujarras. In villages like Pampaneira and Capileira, you can buy handmade rugs and all sorts of woven goods, baskets, jewellery and typical food. 

One of my favourite things to do here is just wander around getting lost, trying to spot all of the gorgeous little corners bursting with potted plants and beautiful old wooden doors and imagine all the life, people and stories that these tucked away villages have witnessed over the past centuries. The place truly has an eerie, magical feel to it.

If the Alpujarras steals your heart like it has mine and you'd like to investigate further, we have a load of properties in that area.

Check out our website with just properties from this region: https://www.alpujarrasproperties.com/home/ 
or browse and search all our properties on our general website: https://www.anotherwayoflife.com 


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