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The 22nd Andalusian Aerostation Festival and Championship

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This past weekend the annual Andalusian Aerostation Festival took place in the province of Granada. Every year around this time sees the sky filled with hot air balloons over some exquisite Andalusian landscape. In recent years, the province of Granada has been a particular favourite for the festival, not only because of the breathtaking scenery that the Geopark of Granada offers, but also because it is considered to have some of the best weather conditions for ballooning in the world.

This year marked the 22nd edition of the Andalusian Aerostation Festival, in collaboration with the Andalusian Federation of Aerial Sports and Glovento Sur. However, it is not only a leisurely festival that is held each year! The festival also serves as the trials for the Hot Air Balloon Championship, with 14 Spanish teams competing this year.

The festival and championship took place from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of January 2022. In total 4 events were planned. On Friday and Sunday, flights were scheduled to take place in the Geopark of Granada and Guadix, flying over dramatic landscapes like the desert of Los Coloraos in Gorafe (which we talk about in another article here). On Saturday, flights were leaving from the capital of Granada and La Vega of Granada, from San Miguel Alto.

Whether it is from above taking part in the flights or watching from below, be sure not to miss out on this hot air balloon event next year! To sign off, we leave you with a stunning picture of one of the hot air balloons flying over the Alhambra palace and fortress complex:

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