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World's Best Olive Oil?

olive oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 'Montevilla Chorreao' from the Granada municipality of Montefrío is the healthiest in the world for its composition in fatty acids, bisphenols and oleocanthal (a natural anti-inflammatory present in it that causes the sensation of itching in the throat when tasting it).


Or so the jury of the international competition The World Best Healthy EVOO 2021-2022 (The 10 Best EVOOs in the world), one of the most prestigious in the sector, in which EVOOs from all over the world participate, whose decision was recently announced.


Montevilla Chorreao oil, from the San Francisco de Asís de Montefrío cooperative, won the gold medal in the healthy composition category, along with others from Spain, Greece and Portugal.


In addition, in the category of oleocanthal content, the Montefrio oil is also in the 'Top Ten', occupying fourth position in this prestigious ranking.


The president of the San Francisco de Asís cooperative, Juan Rafael Granados Moreno, emphasised that this competition "is one of the most important in the world in terms of the healthy properties of EVOO, as the majority of competitions only value the flavour when tasting. This year, we have once again won two medals, something we are extremely proud of".


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